Architectural concept, interior design, building permit, full realisation and project management.

Villa Samarcande is located in the sought after Super Cannes area next to Cannes France. The villa has been designed as part of an investment project – A beautiful house to buy for thouse who are looking for a comfortable and well laid out home, with open views and beautiful outdoor areas.


The villa is a beautiful blend of traditional southern French architecture and landscaping – wooden beams, tiled roof, paving stones, beige facades enhanced by olive trees and lavender – and modern features such as large openings, suspended staircases, glass balustrades and contemporary tiles.

All the facades of the building have large openings to provide a variety of views – sea views, mountain views, garden views and the lights of the nearby town. The scenery changes with the opening of the date, offering beautiful views from numerous window frames. This mix and architecture makes the villa extremely comfortable and cosy. It makes it easy to enjoy the beautiful local lifestyle.


The interior of the villa is based on the contrast of very dark and very pure colours – black granite and marble, matte metal softened by natural clear wood, deep pile fabrics, bronze details and alabaster features.


The garden is designed with the same idea – a mixture of the traditional provencal garden with lavender, rosemary and jasmine scents, olive and acacia trees coming together in harmony with eucalyptus, palm and banana trees.